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How reading changes your perspective

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

"Reading Is Fundamental"

We as humans have a very limited knowledge of the world surrounding us. And the skewed out version of things we learn at school is either biased or only provides a single point of view with academic authority. So really the responsibility of educating ourselves falls into our own hands and what better way to educate ourselves than reading books. Books expose us to differing views about things and challenge our beliefs in a way that it helps us better understand ourselves. There is no right book for anyone. That’s because a book automatically becomes the right one for you, once you start reading it. Big or small, fiction or nonfiction, biography or autobiography, reading books has the power to change your perspective on life

"A good book has the power to change our lives, unlike any other thing."

Books are one of the most creative art forms. Every book that we read opens up a world of different characters, different storylines and different locations. Reading requires us to open up our mind to the world of imagination to experience our own perspective of the story. Our imagination and creativity automatically increase as we are enlightened with all the knowledge from a book.

Reading about people’s success stories and the struggles they went through to get to that position will inspire and help you grow in your own personal life. All of us need the motivation to move ahead in life. And books are the best medium for that. They give us the chance to tap into the character’s emotions and understand how they feel. These stories go on to become inspirations for us to keep moving upward on the ladder called life.

When we read books, we read about the various struggles and hardships that the characters go through. Sometimes we even relate those situations to our personal lives. Understanding how these characters overcome challenges in a positive way ultimately gives us the confidence to deal with difficult situations in our personal lives in a better way. A carefully crafted book helps you build all the strong and right opinions and gives you the confidence to stand by it.

"Reading Refreshes The Mind, Body, & Soul"

In the words of George RR Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only lives once”. It’s true, we live only one life. But when we read books we gain knowledge from thousands. Age does not matter when it comes to gaining knowledge from reading books. As it enhances the power of thinking in every field and simultaneously improves our vocabulary to a great extent.

Reading books has proved to be an essential stress buster. Fiction books are the best to cope with stress. Books have the ability to let you immerse into a different world by letting you forget all your personal issues, tension and stress, and helps you relax. With a great story in hand, all the daily life problems just slip away from the mind. In addition, books bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the mind.

Reading books keeps us on our toes with questions that actively enhance analytical thinking skills. Our brain is always asking questions while reading. And at times we tend to crack the mystery behind the questions way before it is mentioned in the book. We can further apply these analytical thinking skills in real life by letting our minds stimulate and think in new ways.

Get Inspired

Reading books is an excellent way to pass your time. It’s simple. It brings joy. Reading refreshes your mood and makes you feel optimistic about everything happening around you. Reading does not take a lot of effort; you can read anywhere and everywhere and let yourself forget the world around you. And, if you want to do something great for yourself today, then start reading. Give yourself a chance to live more than a single life, a chance to build the right opinions and a chance to change the perspective on life.

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